Privacy Policy

Dear friends, thank you for your visit "PARA LIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd.", in order to respect your personal privacy, and therefore developed a Privacy declaration. For "PARA LIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd." how to collect, use and protect the personal information you provide, please read the following:
Privacy declaration scope
The following privacy declaration apply to your use of "PARA LIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd." sites and services, the personal information involved in the collection, use and protection.

Collect and use personal information

Simple browsing and file download behavior "PARA LIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd." sites, this site does not collect any information about the identity of individuals.
The use of "PARA LIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd." provided by public mail, or mail the report online bidding service, required the applicant to provide personal information, will be handled in accordance with the respective authorities undertake case needs you please provide your name, ID number, contact the latest personal, truthful information, phone, e-mail, address and residence address and other communications.
Site will record IP addresses on user stations, online time and web browsing in the website and other information, which the Department for "PARA LIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd." site management units for internal site traffic and network behavior survey total analysis, improve service quality in order to facilitate the web site, and "PARA LIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd." only sum of all user behavior analysis, individual users will not have to analyze.

Information sharing and open manner

‧ "PARA LIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd." will never sell, exchange, or lease any of your personal information to other groups, individuals or private companies. But except for the following circumstances:
1. Justice with the lawful investigation.
2. cooperate with relevant authorities in accordance with the terms of reference of the investigation functions need or use.
3. Based on the good faith belief that the law needs to expose, or to maintain and improve the site for service management.

Preservation of personal data

Web transfer "PARA LIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd." sites are any personal information through SSL encryption mechanisms to ensure that the information is not illegal to capture a third party during transmission.

Privacy declaration of advice

"If you are" PARA LIGHT ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd. "privacy declaration you have any questions, please contact us